Best Google Reputation Management Companies – 2020 Updated

What is Search Engine Reputation Management?

Search Engine Reputation Management is the attempt to influence, control or better search engine results pages (SERPs) for a branded search term on search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.  Search engine reputation management is one of the primary services companies specializing in Online Reputation Management (ORM) offer to clients.

Top 2020 Reputation Management Firms

Below you will find a few of our favorite search engine reputation management firms.  These ORM companies have demonstrable success in executing effective search engine reputation management campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Top Google Reputation Management Services

Top 5 Search Engine Reputation Management Companies

If negative news articles, defamatory blog posts or anything else undesirable shows up when you search your name on Google, these are the guys to call if you want to get rid of it.

Defamation Defenders

An up-and-comer in online reputation management that has shown a commitment to excellence in every aspect of its business.  Guided by experienced IT executives, the team of search engine technicians and legal experts at Defamation Defenders have quickly developed an impressive arsenal of effective solutions to combat negative reviews, remove defamation and improve reputations web searches.  By doing so, Defamation Defenders has earned a name for itself in the ORM and Search Engine Marketing industries and a place among the top rated internet reputation firms in the United States for 2019.

Visit Defamation Defenders Website


A longtime leader in the online reputation management industry, and for good reason. ReputationDefender, which until an early 2018 acquisition by The Stagwell Group, was a owned brand, has made considerable investments in Research and Development to pioneer new highly sophisticated tactics to manage the reputations of its clients on search engines such as Google.

Visit Reputation Defender Website


A well known name in the online reputation management sphere, ReputationX has been offering enterprise online reputation services and personal internet reputation repair packages for over a decade.


You may know this online reputation management company from the CNBC Prime Time reality business show Shark Tank; BrandYourself specializes in personal online reputation management, but also offers brand control services to help businesses with internet reputation issues, such as negative search engine results, bad reviews and online complaints.


StatusLabs is a Austin, Texas-based internet reputation company focusing primarily on business online reputation management and repair.



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